(Woefully out of date. I swear I still write all the time like it’s my actual job or something.)

— 2018

Food & Wine
Ode to Joy (Print and Digital)
Pies for the People (Print and Digital)
We Need to Talk About Anthony Bourdain
11 Chefs Share Their Self Care Strategies
How Diners Can Help Make Happier, Safer Restaurants for the People Who Work There
10 Chefs Who Make Their Restaurants Happier, Healthier Places to Work

Cooking Light

I’m Learning the Hard Way Why Gut Health Is So Important
The 1 Book You Should Read If You’re Struggling With Body Acceptance
Here’s How I Kept Things Interesting When Food Restrictions Limited My Diet
How to Enjoy a Romantic Dinner With Distinctly Unromantic Gut Health Issues


Slippers Stress Me Out

Good Company Magazine

Why Is It Important to Talk About Mental Health? (Note: Full article is not online)

Explore Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain: There Were Few Greater Advocates for the Unsung Back of House Workers

— 2017

Food & Wine

How the John Besh Allegations Are Prompting Restaurants to Reevaluate Their Own Policies
“The Most Interesting Place to Eat in Europe” Finally Gets a Cookbook

Cooking Light

This Season, Ditch the Holiday Food Guilt
How I Learned to Relax and Stop Stressing About Holiday Hosting
How to (Gracefully) Handle Dietary Restrictions at Thanksgiving

— 2016

Not about food or drinks

Hi, Anxiety: Life with a Bad Case of Nerves
A Post-Election Plan for Anxious People (The Cut)
My Signature Look Is My Own Armour Against the World (Yahoo)
An Anxious Person’s Guide to the Election Aftermath (Medium)

About food or drinks

The Personal Waffle House Index
This Is the Weirdest Frozen Breakfast Item of 2016

— 2015

Not about food or drinks

Silent night is the best we can hope for
If you want to know how I’m doing, look at my thumb
How to assign and edit a personal essay without being a soul-sucking monster
How to promote your personal brand … minus the ickiness

About food

— Chef recipes/interviews

A Very Shellfish Act: Andrew Zimmern’s seafood stew is one-pot satisfaction
One, Two, Cha Ca Snapper: Chris Shepherd lays a Houston groove on a Vietnamese fish dish
Chapati Time, Excellent: Master four-ingredient flatbread from Food Network star Aarti Sequeira
Put a Curd on It: Zac Young’s frozen margarita pie is your new summer go-to
Bread for Greatness: April Bloomfield’s salad sandwich is the best of both worlds
All Good Things: Marco Canora’s healthy dinner party menu puts flavor front and center
Roots in the South: Chef Vivian Howard exalts the cooking of Eastern North Carolina
Croque Star: Dale Levitski of Nashville’s Sinema walks us through the perfect croque-madame
Red Hot and Southern: Crook’s Corner chef Bill Smith talks about what’s heating up Southern food
Choc Star: Sucré’s Tariq Hanna has chocolate pot de crème down to a science
Caul Me Maybe: The Purple Pig’s Jimmy Bannos Jr. has a fresh take on cauliflower
Sticks and Stone: Curtis Stone grills peerless piri piri chicken
Bait and ‘Wich: Get hooked on Michael Chernow’s blackened fish sandwich from Seamore’s
Native Flavor: Lois Ellen Frank’s dinner party menu celebrates the true American spirit
Better Off Veg: Chef Bill Telepan perfects the veggie burger
Hot Cross Yum: Allison and Matt Robicelli share their recipe for the Easter classic
Block Party: Chef Angie Mar shares her next-level surf and turf, no forks given

— BBQ/grilling

‘Cued In: Five barbecue myths that need busting
TT Culinary Institute: Barbecued Ribs
What? Chicken Butt: Our perfected take on classic beer-can chicken
By Cook or by Crook: Here’s why the griller deserves to sneak the best meat treats
Grate Debates: Expert grillers weigh in on burning questions about cooking over fire

— Cooking instruction/recipes

Claw and Order: How to master cooking lobster at home
Clammer Time: From steamers to cockles, everything you need to know about the clam family
In Tomato Pie We Crust: Let heirloom tomatoes shine in a buttery cheddar crust
TT Culinary Institute: Pie: Learn to master piecrust and fill it with the flavors of the season
Masa Appeal: Chicken-and-pepper-stuffed tamales are the perfect excuse to throw a party
Derby Dancing: Try these traditional Kentucky dishes and drinks for a Derby Day party
Salute the Kernels: Ears to sweet, fresh summer corn
Chef Yeah! The classic chef’s salad gets a modern makeover
Reboot: 2015 Edition: Simple, not-lame tips for cleaning up your act this year

— Other food writing

In Praise of Ugly Food
Suddenly Seymour Disappeared: Meet Seymour Britchky, the critic who time forgot
Grub Street Diet: Kat Kinsman gets deep over French 75s
Restaurant Weddiquette: The dos and don’ts of restaurant proposals
USA + PB&J = True Love: We salute the all-American peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Road Hog: How to eat like a chef when you travel
Heirlooming Large: What “heirloom” and “heritage” actually mean
10 commandments for eating and drinking in Las Vegas
Seedy Business: Where to buy our favorite rare and heirloom seeds online
All Eyes on You: Bartenders spill on dating mistakes
The Regulars: Why the Beekman 1802 boys love Isle of Capri on the UES
Flip Out: Eat pancakes on Fat Tuesday, because why not?

About drinks

The Hurt Snocker: How to Hack Your Parents’ Liquor Cabinet
I’ll Take My Chances: There’s no wrong way to make a French 75
Bring the ‘Pagne: A top NYC bartender shows us why bubbles make everything better
Drank Space: Troy Sidle makes a pitch-perfect rosé sangria
Make the Leap: Stop worrying and learn to love the classic Grasshopper cocktail
Insane in the Tisane: Herbal teas that won’t put your palate to sleep
(Milk)shake It Off: Big Gay Ice Cream builds a better milkshake
Pitcher Perfect: How to upgrade your iced tea
When Life Gives You Lemonade… Squeeze more out of summer’s best beverage

— 2014 (fewer than 2013, but then again, I’m writing I wrote most of a book)

Not about food

How I stole Christmas: Getting through the holidays when you’re a misfit toy (and married)
The Double Date
This is the boogie-down Bronx
An orientation to asexuality
Grownups: Don’t be ashamed of your YA habit
Summer rewind: Looking back at 1984
She wasn’t mom, but she loved us
Intersex dating: Finding love across the intersection
10 things we learned about surviving anxiety
Living with anxiety, searching for joy
Young adult books and sex: What we learned under the covers

CNN Matrimony

How to say “I love you”
How to break up with your wedding
Don’t let the flowers die on your wedding day
The art of the wedding march
How not to leave a wedding hungry

About food

The place beyond the pineapples (a.k.a. How I stopped worrying and learned to love cheesy pineapple casserole)
Vincent Price loved a shortening crust
In praise of punch
Every restaurant’s unsung hero
Salad daze: From leafy greens to meatloaf chunks
The complicated politics of the school cafeteria
What does a food recall actually do?
Survey shows ongoing struggle against hunger
Cooking with Pup
MRE pizza may be a slice of home
Chef’s Jon Favreau talks food, family, filmmaking
What is “adulterated” meat?
Food safety: Take matters into your own hands
5 bad excuses for not cooking
Why sprouts can make you sick
The joy of crappy gardening
Eat This List: 5 things to cook up in a deep freeze
Oh, Christmas Flee: Where to duck away from the holiday fray in NYC
Playing Card to Get: Restaurant gift cards are a, yes, thoughtful last-minute gift

— 2013

Not about food

When it’s not just skipping school
When home is where the heart isn’t
No prom date? Go anyway!
Strutting their stuff for limb loss awareness
Same-sex couples take long road to the altar

CNN Parents
‘Someone Could Get Hurt’: Q&A with Drew Magary
‘Scandal’ actor on finding his inner mommy

CNN Matrimony

‘With this ring, I me wed’
5 tips that may save your wedding (and your sanity)
Wedding etiquette: To keep or to toss?
Don’t waste money on your wedding!
Something borrowed: Wedding traditions from around the world

About food

Dessert debate: cake vs pie
Paula Deen and Southern food: Critics say credit is past due
This girl is on fire – at the grill
A brief history of chicken washing
Off the menu – being rude to service workers
Must ‘Friendsgiving’ be a thing?
Emotional eating: Gray cakes tackle depression taboo
How to feed your family from a food bank
The case for pure fat
Nationwide study casts a wide net over seafood fraud
Who is looking out for your food safety?
Don’t get sick from your picnic
Passover horseradish – rooted in tradition
Finding my gateway bug
Gorging on Gatsby
Black chicken stew for the ill and adventurous soul
Rescue group brings relief in the form of barbecue
10 airport restaurants that taste like home
Eat This List: 7 sure bets for Las Vegas dining
Eat This List: 2014 food trend predictions
Eat This List: 9 tips for judging (and winning) competition barbecue
Eat This List: Tater tots, invasive entrees and other food trends we’d like to see in 2013
Eat This List: 7 deadly restaurant sins that keep customers from coming back
Eat This List: My 8 most stained and damaged cookbooks
Eat This List: 4 ways to combat food waste at home (and save a little cash while you’re at it)
Eat This List: 6 kitchen skills I have yet to master
Eat This List: 5 slices of barbecue wisdom
Eat This List: Food resolutions for 2013

— 2012

Not about food

A depressive’s guide to Christmas
Lordy lordy, look who’s 40
Lean on me: Loving and losing a dog
New York after Sandy: A tale of two cities
Going public with depression / National Depression Screening Day: Sharing experiences can help
What’s with public marriage proposals?
Physically challenged and fashionable
The agony and ecstasy of the National Spelling Bee
I am nobody’s mother and never will be
New York vs. Los Angeles: For all its grit, NYC ‘sparkles’
‘Fatshion’ bloggers find beauty in all sizes’
Learning to love my big nose
The dark side of World Goth Day

About food

An ad-hoc army of volunteers feeds those still-powerless after Sandy
In the dead of winter, orange you glad for clementines?
Notes from Zone 6b – love and loss in the lettuce patch
Don’t be bullied by the sauce spoon
That’s how the cookie (and a passenger’s calm) crumbles
Clarified – What are gestation crates?
Risk a brisket on the grill this summer
That’s me in the corner, that’s me in the spotlight eating all alone
The bitter truth behind the chocolate in your Easter basket
Boomers late bloomers in the kitchen, but making healthy strides
This is the year you garden
No one warns you about the durian burps
Oh, candidates? Grit your teeth and listen.
Paula Deen – From the frying pan to the firestorm
Of romantic meals, fibbers and fish knives
Mehepyewpleez? A love letter to K&W Cafeteria
Picking the pig, flipping the hog
The kid who couldn’t trick-or-treat
Stay gold, Twinkie the Kid. Stay gold.
A different kind of plane food
National update your parents’ spice rack month
Have a sweet holiday and save kitchen memories while you can
Get your kids into the kitchen and feed them for life
She-crab soup, shrimp and grits, benne seed wafers and the lowdown on Lowcountry cuisine

— 2011

Not about food

Where my Goths at?
When spouses clash over Christmas
Boys don’t cry – even when they get snubbed for funky party rockers

About food

Pouring whiskey in the wound – eating and drinking after 9/11
New Orleans: The food that got them through
The best sandwich in the universe – at least for the month of August
After Irene, a community bands together to feed its own
Fast food with a side of faith
Down the rabbit hole
Stuffpuppies. Stuffpuppies! STUFFPUPPIES!
New Orleans: Cooking with Carville
Filling the void – eating after a funeral
Roasted chicken soup for the banged-up soul
How I kicked my Coke habit
This family recipe’s secret? It came from a cookbook
Paul Liebrandt: Portrait of the chef as a young artist
Failure is totally an option
Rules for eating on a first date
Notes from Zone 6b – a kernel of wisdom
Notes from Zone 6b – Tubers on the roof
Notes from Zone 6b – letting failure bloom
Notes from Zone 6b – it’s aliiiiive!
Notes from Zone 6b – growing glasswort and sorghum in a Brooklyn basement
The feather in the cap of the Austin food scene
In defense of the restaurant dress code
Food’s late bloomers
Service with a shrug
Please don’t eat in the bathroom
Hell is other people’s chicken
Breaking down the fence: do you eat with your neighbors?
An open letter to my neighbors who are very bad at grilling
Taking a ribbing – testing out McDonald’s cult sandwich
Rule of slaw
Spicing (and spiking) hurricane rations
A toast to Leah Chase
Okra – in season and ‘snot just for frying
Give squirrel a whirl
How the modern day tomato came to be
Collateral damage – nicks, cuts, burns and scars
Glue the wound, skip the stitches
The kid with the stinky lunch
Poll – personal food fouls
How to win over a mayo hater
How to confront a country ham
Twitter, feed me
‘Private’ dining in the Denver airport
Lunchtime poll – sending it back
Lunchtime poll – restaurant regular
The paws that refreshes – do you eat with your hands?
Vegetables. Eat them. Here’s how.

— 2010

About food

A day two pigs would die: ethical slaughter
Reclaiming the soul of Southern food
Talk with your mouth full – what is Southern food?
Dining and dating: The food of love
The TSA won’t swipe your pie – but will they take the cake?
Egg-splained: Free-range, cage-free and organic
Rage against the vending machine
What? Chicken butt. Why there’s salmonella in your eggs
Four Loko holiday balls – you are too good a person to make these
Deep-fried indoor turkey – for science
Frequent Thanksgiving freakouts (and ways to solve them)
Clarified – high fructose corn syrup
Clarified: Religious dietary restrictions
Clarified: Vegans, pescetarians, raw foodists and other dietary tribes
Hungry at the holidays
Cookbooks that changed my life
Heirloom tomatoes explained
Collateral damage – nicks, cuts, burns and scars
Gulf Coast chefs, fishermen fight tide of misinformation
Roger Ebert finds his voice and appetite online
Q & A: Tom Colicchio talks childhood hunger
Chef Colicchio: Don’t fear fine dining

— 1997-2007

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